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what you can expect from us (FAQs about your appointment)

Do I need to make an appointment?

While an appointment isn't required, if you know you will be coming by for services, give us a quick call so we can plan to serve you, as well as other clients.  

How much do services cost?

While some organizations make money from your pregnancy decision; we do not.  Our services are free with our only goal of making sure you have enough information and resources to make an informed decision about your pregnancy.  

I was raped.  Can you help?

We can provide pregnancy testing and STI testing (certain locations), as well as options counseling, any community referrals that you may need, along with resources and counseling.

I can't make it to the mobile.  What are my options?

Since we are a mobile medical clinic, we may have the ability to come to you.  However, out or respect for your privacy, we will not park directly in front of your residence.  We may agree upon a set location that is well lit (if at night) and safe.